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Mothers' Rights

Mothers' Rights Attorney in Orange County

A Trusted Advocate in Orange County for Mothers' Rights

There is no gender preference for child custody under state law. Both parents are equally entitled to seek and hold custody of a minor child. The state presumes that, in most cases, joint custody is in the child's best interests. If you are a mother who believes that a different custody arrangement would be in your child's best interests, you need an experienced Orange County mothers' rights lawyer to help you protect your children and your parental rights.

We can advocate for mothers in many types of family law cases, including:

W. Douglas McKeague has more than 4 decades of experience helping clients with divorce and family law matters. We listen to our clients and act accordingly, providing personalized representation from beginning to end. Our practice is dedicated exclusively to divorce and family law matters, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide high quality, effective representation. Divorce lawyers in the OC have the ability to negotiate a settlement whenever possible, and the trial experience and skill to take your case to court and aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for you and your children.

What Rights Do Unwed Mothers Have in California?

An unwed mother automatically has custody at the birth of her child. She has the rights and responsibilities of providing for her child and making decisions that affect the child's life, such as living arrangements, education, religion, and medical treatment.

If there is no court order establishing the rights of the father, the mother has the legal right to determine what, if any, contact the father has with the child. However, an unwed mother has no legal right to receive child support until paternity is established if the father does not acknowledge paternity.

Protecting the Legal Rights of Mothers in Orange County

Whether you are married with children and facing divorce, or unmarried and need to gain child support from the father of your child, or are dealing with child custody or visitation matters, our seasoned Orange County family law attorney can help. We have built a reputation as one of the leading family law firms in the area. Our mission is to provide you and your family with high quality, tireless, tenacious representation.

Contact the OC family law firm for outstanding representation for mothers' rights. Free initial consultation is available!

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"Doug ensured that my interests were protected, my integrity preserved. His warm, calm and professional demeanor instilled trust and confidence."

Doug ensured that my interests were protected, my integrity preserved. His warm, calm and professional demeanor instilled trust and confidence.

- Lorre L.