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Post-Holiday Seasons See Spike in Divorces, Year After Year


Research has found that most divorce filings occur in March and August. What is it about these two months that would attract more people to divorcing than others? Holidays and vacations are the main guesses, as the actual reasons were not gathered with 100% certainty in the studies.

However, this assumed conclusion is not far-fetched in the slightest. For most Americans, the winter season is one of devout holiday practice. Filing for divorce just before or after Christmas, for example, can feel like a major taboo. Even the nonreligious can stray away from the thought intentionally to not upset their children. When the delay ends and the legal work goes underway, it will be about March before a filing becomes official.

As far as August, this is typically the end of summer vacations in the country. Divorces might be filed around this time for two reasons, the first being closely related to the taboo of divorcing when children are supposed to be enjoying a break away from school. The second reason might be summer vacations themselves. Marriages already in a rocky situation might disintegrate due to the close quarters of a camping trip, the long hours of a road trip, the financial strain of a day at an amusement park, and so on. The happiest of families will probably admit that family vacations are tough to complete.

Why Some Families File During the Summer

Contrarily, some parents actually choose to divorce right around the summertime. The reasoning being that the open two months or so gives their children plenty of time to adjust to living in two homes. It can also be a good opportunity for the parents to make other plans as well. If a child will need to change schools due to a change of location, the gap between semesters will also be less of a problem.

Get an Orange County Divorce Attorney’s Help

Deciding when you want to divorce should not be a difficult process. The answer will hopefully be that you file for divorce as soon as you know it is the right choice. Understandably, some people have a hard time knowing if they really want a divorce or just a change-up.

If you’re in such a predicament, call our Orange County divorce lawyer. Our firm is known throughout the state for being both knowledgeable and compassionate when handling family law cases. Talk to a divorce lawyer during a consultation and we can try to determine if you should file for divorce, or perhaps legal separation instead.

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