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Legal Separation

Orange County Legal Separation Lawyer

Why Choose Our OC Family Law Attorney?

W. Douglas McKeague is a highly-respected Orange County family law attorney who has been providing legal counsel to individuals and families throughout Southern California area since 1981. Douglas understands that not all marriages will last and those who have found themselves facing legal separation or divorce need someone who they can trust will treat them with compassionate, respect and kindness during such a difficult time in their life.

Our legal team has a comprehensive understanding of divorce and family law.

It is that knowledge, along with the commitment we have to our clients, which has allowed us to achieve such outstanding results on their behalf.

If you believe your marriage is irretrievably broken, we advise you waste no time in retaining counsel from an Orange County legal separation attorney at our firm. We will take the time to analyze your needs and objectives before advising you of the legal options that will help you pursue the most favorable outcome to your case.

What is the Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce?

When a marriage has run its course, or one spouse is no longer willing and able to continue living with the other spouse, divorce does not have to be the only option. In some instances an individual will be able to benefit greatly from opting to obtain a legal separation rather than a traditional divorce. The main difference between a divorce and a legal separation is a divorce effectively breaks the bonds of matrimony.

Individuals who have moral or religious reasons for not wanting to divorce can essentially end the marriage by obtaining a legal separation. Legal separation can offer many other benefits as well, such as allowing a couple the time and freedom to determine whether or not they want to continue with the marriage or bring it to an end and giving individuals the ability to retain certain marriage benefits.

Issues regardless child custody, asset and property division, spousal and child support, visitation and more will all require resolution regardless of whether you file for a legal separation or a divorce. Those who choose to file for a legal separation can always elect to obtain a divorce at a later date without much effort or expense.

If you think you are ready to move forward with your legal separation, our Orange County lawyer will take the time to help you understand the process and the rights which will be afforded to you as a legally separated individual before moving forward. Contact our Orange County family lawyer right away to get started with a free consultation!

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Client Reviews
"Doug ensured that my interests were protected, my integrity preserved. His warm, calm and professional demeanor instilled trust and confidence."

Doug ensured that my interests were protected, my integrity preserved. His warm, calm and professional demeanor instilled trust and confidence.

- Lorre L.