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More California Child Custody Tips


As a follow-up, the following are some further important points to consider for the best result in your custody battle. For advice specific to your situation, the Orange County child custody attorney at the Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague can provide you with custom legal counsel.

  1. Violence: do not get drawn into unnecessary drama with the other spouse. Utilize the court system rather than physical force to navigate the custody process, as any violence perpetrated can result in losing contact with your children.
  2. Drug Use: any illegal drug use can cause serious problems for your custody case. Any alcohol or prescription drug abuse is looked down upon by family courts and can cost you time with your children.
  3. Court and your kids: refrain from talking to your kids about the court. It shouldn’t be their burden to carry. Keeping your children from the emotional toll of a custody battle is incredibly important and judges dislike when parents let kids in on their legal problems.
  4. Mediation: California mandates seeing a court mediator when you and the other parent cannot agree to custody terms. Do your best to stay cool and restrained during mediation since the mediator’s opinion can go a long way to determining custody.
  5. New relationships: keep your new boyfriend or girlfriend from the visitation time you get with your child. Having your children present with your new boyfriend or girlfriend can be upsetting to your child and can demonstrate to the court that you value them more than your child.
  6. Corporal punishment: if you have used penalties with your child that involved striking them in the past, do not continue to do so. Judges do like to hear you discipline children in such away.
  7. Child involvement: do not ask your child with whom they would like to live. The less the children know about court proceedings, the better off they will be.

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