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Questions to Ask an Attorney Before Starting the Divorce Process in CA


When you begin reaching out to Orange County divorce attorneys, it’s likely that you have many concerns about the road ahead. You’re about to embark on a process that may affect your children, property, and livelihood, so it’s common to have a lot of questions.

W. Douglas McKeague, an Orange County family law attorney, understands that the right information can help clients think more clearly about their situation and make good decisions for themselves and their family. Here, he responds to three common questions clients have when they are starting out in their case.

What should I look for when I’m exploring legal representation?

When you meet with an Orange County divorce attorney, you will typically begin with a one-on-one consultation to see if he or she fits your needs. A responsible attorney will take time getting to know what you hope to achieve with the case. Whether your priority is retaining ownership of property or avoiding unfair spousal payments, your lawyer should share these goals.

Just as importantly, attorneys should set expectations for their clients during these meetings. In Mr. McKeague’s thirty-plus years of experience in practice, setting expectations has been a key in the most successful outcomes. The right attorney will help you define your “wants” and “needs” in the case. That way, he can successfully negotiate the process while protecting your personal and financial well-being.

When should I speak with an Orange County family law attorney?

You need to understand your rights and obligations early in the process. Mr. McKeague advises that you speak with an attorney as soon as you can. Waiting to speak with counsel can just lead to greater anxiety and bigger problems at home.

Fortunately, an initial consultation does not commit you to anything. Rather, it’s a way for you to see if you need to take any immediate actions, and it helps you think more clearly about what you want to do. Having a conversation now can give you more options and help you avoid making mistakes.

What should I prepare before an initial consultation?

While these meetings are important, there is little that you need to prepare in advance of an initial consultation with Mr. McKeague.

Your goal in this talk is to:

  • Get comfortable with having him serve as your counsel.
  • Seeing that he shares your values and approach to the case.
  • Receive advice about immediate steps to take.
  • Learn about the process of working together.

There are some situations in which the client must take immediate action to protect himself / herself or children who are being endangered by the other spouse. Mr. McKeague advises clients on the best approach and can take legal action on their behalf.

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