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Exploring Divorce Attorneys? Orange County's W. Douglas McKeague Offers Experienced, Professional Representation


If you are looking for a divorce attorney, Orange County family law attorney, or child custody specialist, it’s important to know that not all lawyers offer the same level of quality. With your children, property, and salary at stake, it’s vital that you choose the right representative.

For over thirty years, W. Douglas McKeague has been exclusively practicing as a family law and divorce attorney. OC clients and peers in the legal community respect his work and often refer him to those who need a responsible and effective advisor.

Below, we invite you to learn more about Mr. McKeague’s experience and approach: two of the qualities that make him a standout among area divorce attorneys. Orange County residents should then get in touch with Mr. McKeague to schedule an initial consultation about their case.

Experience in Divorce Cases

When it comes to hiring a divorce attorney, Orange County clients can look to a record of success in order to evaluate the candidates. Douglas McKeague stands behind his work. He provides his clients with a high caliber of legal representation, a nuanced understanding of the law, and the ability to guide cases efficiently to their resolution.

Mr. McKeague holds degrees from New England College and the Western State University College of Law. He is admitted to practice as a divorce attorney before all courts in Orange County and in the State of California.

In addition, Douglas McKeague is licensed to practice before the United States Tax Courts and the Southern, Central, Eastern and Northern United States District Courts. This is especially important in family law cases as many challenges deal with the division of property. To give his clients the best possible outcome in their cases, Mr. McKeague maintains expertise in debtor, creditor, and taxation law.

Approach to your Divorce

How an Orange County divorce attorney defines the goals of a case makes a big difference in its outcome. Douglas McKeague’s approach is to understand his client’s “wants” and “needs.” Knowing the difference gives him more flexibility in negotiations with the other party. This shared vision for success also means that clients do not have unwelcome surprises during the process.

Through preliminary talks with the other party, Mr. McKeague makes good faith efforts to reach a settlement. Unlike some lawyers, his aim is not to “win at all costs” or to do legal combat with the other divorce attorneys.

Douglas McKeague’s Orange County clients typically want a fast, cost-effective resolution to the proceedings. To accomplish this, he avoids contentious arguments that can easily escalate into courtroom action. His clients know that he will only recommend going to trial if it is necessary to protect their family and their personal and financial well-being.

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