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An Approach to Divorce Proceedings


As an OC divorce lawyer, Douglas McKeague understands the concerns that his clients have going into the proceedings. Dissolution of marriage presents a variety of challenges. Those who hire a lawyer are relying on that person’s professional counsel to resolve legal disputes that may arise. At the same time, they need guidance in what to expect along the way.

Those going through a divorce will typically focus on the outcome of the settlement or the trial. They may measure success by factors such as the division of property, the establishment of spousal support, and the decision on child custody. In other words, they believe that success is a summation of what they “got” and what they had to “give up.”

A good OC divorce lawyer will focus on these issues as well. After all, it is important that a client receives a settlement that resolves his or her concerns and that guards the client against future disputes. However, the settlement—or, in some cases, the court’s judgment—will not tell the whole story. It also will not calculate the whole cost.

This is because the process of negotiating a settlement or going to trial can drain both parties emotionally and financially. Ongoing debate, hours of time lost in conferences that never progress forward, and anxiety over when and how final decisions will be reached: all of these issues are an unfortunate reality of some divorce proceedings.

Our Firm's Approach to Divorce Proceedings

The right legal counsel can make a difference. Douglas McKeague’s approach as an OC divorce attorney is to minimize the emotional and financial impact of legal proceedings. His aim is to have clients conclude the process of working together with the knowledge that he had their best interest in mind inside and out of the courtroom.

From a financial standpoint, this means that Douglas rarely charges for quick consultations by text, email, or mobile phone. His stance is that providing answers to client questions builds a relationship of trust. In return, clients give him the room to operate on their behalf and to help achieve their goals. Douglas also provides clients with options for saving money by allowing them to handle certain aspects of research or administration that do not require the legal expertise of an OC divorce lawyer.

Beyond the financial considerations, Douglas helps clients develop reasonable expectations for the divorce proceedings. He works with them to establish wants and needs for the final settlement, and he pushes for collaboration between the parties so that both can avoid a risky and costly trial. As a result of the respect that clients develop for Douglas, many return to him for help on modifications and other family law needs. The ongoing faith these clients have in his work is the reason for his success during the nearly thirty years he has practiced as an attorney.

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