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Orange County Divorce Lawyers and Family Law Trial Experience


If you have begun working with an Orange County divorce lawyer or an Orange County family law lawyer, you already understand the importance of reaching a quick and satisfactory settlement. When compromise is possible, it allows you to avoid the expense, time, and emotional turmoil of a courtroom battle.

W. Douglas McKeague is an Orange County family law lawyer with over thirty years of experience in and out of the courts. His clients understand the importance of having an attorney who aims for compromise but is willing—and able—to defend their rights at trial.

About the Divorce Process

Typically, when you work with a professional and responsible Orange County divorce lawyer, he or she begins by learning about your situation. The lawyer should also help you separate “needs” and “wants”: which factors are you willing to negotiate and which are truly worth fighting.

This process is important. During dissolution of marriage or a child custody case, it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the moment. With the wrong Orange County divorce lawyers, this can easily lead clients to battle personal problems through the legal system. This may or may not solve the issues, but it will certainly cost time and money.

Negotiation is almost always preferable to leaving decisions up to a judge. However, there are certain situations in which trial law is necessary. For example, if your spouse is making unreasonable demands on the division of property, spousal support, or access to your children, it may be that the court is your only avenue. The same is true if your spouse presents a danger to you or your children. The trial process is meant to protect those who have no other recourse.

Family Law Trial Law Expertise

Not all Orange County divorce lawyers can offer an effective defense. Trials require a great deal of preparation, expertise, and experience. They mean court filings; working with witnesses and experts; presenting evidence; and understanding the nuances of the process.

An inept Orange County divorce lawyer can make mistakes with serious repercussions. The court has limited patience for a lawyer who does not know procedure. It has even less for attorneys who are not working in the best interest of minor children involved in the case. As the result, an inexperienced lawyer may cause you to have an unsuccessful outcome, one that can take years to remedy.

About W. Douglas McKeague

As a practiced trial law and family law attorney, Douglas McKeague provides clients with careful guidance in the pursuit of a settlement. Because he is focused on resolving cases through negotiation, you can trust him when he tells you that it’s necessary to go to court. You can also rely on him to represent you vigorously and professionally in a trial to achieve the best outcome possible.

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