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Considering Orange County Divorce Lawyers? See Why Clients Rely on W. Douglas McKeague


When you first begin exploring Orange County divorce lawyers, you may find yourself inundated with options. What should you look for in an attorney? How can you know who will responsibly advise you about your case, ensure that you receive a fair and equitable resolution, and prioritize the well-being of your children?

Men and women seeking professional legal guidance rely on the services of W. Douglas McKeague. There are several factors that distinguish him among other divorce attorneys. Orange County residents who are looking for effective legal representation are encouraged to learn more about his work below.

Legal Experience

There is no substitute for years of legal practice with clients, cases, and courtrooms. Since 1981, W. Douglas McKeague has focused exclusively on family law in Orange County. Divorce lawyers, clients soon learn, need this type of continued and focused work to understand the nuances of their cases.

Experience is especially important during courtroom hearings. While a settlement is generally the preferred resolution to a case, it is not always possible when the other party is making unreasonable demands. Mr. McKeague has gone to hearing and trial in hundreds of cases, routinely achieving success on behalf of his clients.

Attorney Accessibility

It’s important that your attorney be available when you need guidance with important legal matters. Unfortunately, law firms—and large law firms in particular—often do not provide this type of accessibility.

When big firms manage sizeable caseloads, it’s easy for individual clients to become lost in the mix. Alternatively, your case may be prioritized according to the billable hours you represent to these firms. Even though your goal is to conclude the case quickly and effectively, the attorneys may not share this focus.

Douglas McKeague works differently. He makes himself available to clients in a way that few divorce lawyers in Orange County do. Mr. McKeague responds to questions on an ongoing basis, giving clients the option of texting or emailing him their concerns at any time. All clients also have the option of calling Mr. McKeague at his mobile phone number.

Financial Consideration

With the availability that Douglas McKeague offers, you might expect that he would bill for every minute of the time that he spends advising clients through text, email, and mobile phone. Yet one of the biggest reasons clients choose to work with Mr. McKeague is that he does not charge for this time.

To Mr. McKeague, answering questions and offering advice for challenges that can be resolved quickly keeps clients happy—and keeps these issues from becoming bigger, more costly problems.

The same respect for the client’s budget persists in all of Douglas McKeague’s work. He aims for fast and effective resolution to cases; seeks to avoid the courtroom process when possible; and pursues meetings, filings, and trials only when they become necessary.

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