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Choosing a Divorce Lawyer: Orange County Clients Should Consider These Factors


There are some standard concerns every person has when selecting from among divorce lawyers. Orange County clients want someone who has deep expertise in the fields of family and divorce law. They prefer to work with a professional who understands the tax and financial implications in the division of property. Obviously, they expect someone who will bill appropriately and provide them with the service they require.

W. Douglas McKeague meets all of these criteria as an experienced divorce lawyer. Orange County men and women rely on Mr. McKeague to handle their case as well as the most important aspects of their life: namely, their future finances, relationships with their spouse and children, and the protection of their financial and personal well-being.

Beyond these criteria, however, there are two other factors that people should consider when seeking divorce lawyers. Orange County residents should choose an attorney who provides them with the personal attention they deserve and be available to them when they need guidance.

Personal Attention on Your Divorce Case

People are often surprised to find that the lawyer that they hired is not the person handling the majority of their case.

In large firms, it is common for experienced, senior lawyers to serve as the “lead” on a case when in actuality more junior, inexperienced lawyers are managing filings, meetings, and negotiations on behalf of the client.

When you decide to work with a divorce lawyer in Orange County, you should be able to rely on that individual to have personal knowledge of your case and to be active in bringing it to a swift and satisfactory resolution. Douglas McKeague provides this experience by serving as the sole attorney representing his clients. He maintains close, ongoing communication with them, and he gives them the attention that they require.


With some divorce lawyers, Orange County clients have difficulty getting the advice they need when they need it. These lawyers become preoccupied with other cases; prioritize other commitments; or do not respond to requests because they will not be able to bill the time.

The last thing that a person going through a divorce needs is additional stress, especially from their own legal counsel. They need to know that their attorney will be accessible and will not abandon them for other pursuits.

Douglas McKeague responds to this issue by encouraging clients to contact him as the need arises. He answers brief but pressing questions received through texts. He invites clients with more extensive concerns to email him, and he typically responds the same day. Finally, all clients have access to his mobile telephone number. Douglas McKeague does not bill for this time, a practice almost unheard of among Orange County divorce lawyers.

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