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More About OC Divorce Attorney W. Douglas McKeague


Choosing an OC divorce attorney can be a challenge. Often, it is unclear what criteria to use in selecting a counselor to represent your needs. Reputation and expertise are important, but there are other factors that should play just as significant a role. Below, we describe the characteristics that OC divorce attorney Douglas McKeague brings to each relationship with clients. After reviewing the benefits, we invite you to contact Douglas and to learn more about working together. Experience: For almost thirty years, Douglas McKeague has focused his legal practice on one area alone: family law.

As a result, he has an in-depth knowledge of the complexities and processes involved in issues such as:

  • Division of property and assets.
  • Spousal support and alimony consideration.
  • Child custody, visitation rights, child support, and paternity/parentage actions.
  • Post-judgment modifications.

Financial Responsibility: Understanding the specifics of family law is essential for a good OC divorce attorney. Douglas McKeague goes beyond this measurement by providing high-quality legal representation at reasonable rates. In part, he is able to achieve this on behalf of clients through careful planning of legal proceedings. Douglas offers clients the ability to handle matters that do not require a lawyer, such as research and administrative work, on their own. In addition, he makes himself available to clients through text message, email, and mobile phone, and he rarely charges these communications to billable hours. This is uncommon for any divorce lawyer; OC clients appreciate saving money as well as Douglas’ availability when they need him.

Trial Experienced and Settlement-focused: As an OC divorce attorney, Douglas McKeague has taken part in trial work over his career of almost three decades. He understands the court system, is familiar with the judicial proceedings, and knows how to pursue litigation in an aggressive and competent fashion. However, despite being one of the most respected, experienced family law trial attorneys practicing in Orange County, Douglas emphasizes settlement as the preferred resolution to divorce proceedings.

This is because settlement offers significant advantages over courtroom trial:

  • A settlement allows parties to have more influence over the final outcome of the divorce. Negotiations between their lawyers provide room for give-and-take.
  • Leaving the decision to a judicial official can result in a spouse receiving much less than what he or she wants. Judges do not have the time to tease apart each issue of concern as parties can through the process of settlement.
  • Trials can be costly in turns of both time spent in court and money spent on legal fees.
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