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What to Expect with Divorce Lawyers: Orange County's W. Douglas McKeague Discusses His Process


When reviewing options for divorce lawyers, Orange County residents typically start with a lot of questions. Family law deals with the issues that matter most—family, property, and finances—so it’s normal to have these concerns.

Here, W. Douglas McKeague offers an overview of what to expect when you choose him as you legal representative. Read on, and then get in touch with Mr. McKeague to discuss how he can support your case.

Initial Consultation

For divorce lawyers, Orange County cases typically begin with an in-person meeting. This initial consultation gives you a chance to get to know the attorney and to ensure that he / she is the right fit.

Douglas McKeague uses these meetings to discuss your case as well as to explain his approach to family law. Unlike some Orange County divorce attorneys, he provides a comfortable, personable experience. It’s not his goal to impress with lavish expenses and a huge legal team. Instead, he believes that attorneys should be accessible, knowledgeable, committed, and professional.

During this first meeting, you share details about your situation. Mr. McKeague helps you define the type of outcome you are expecting: what is a “want” versus what is a “need.” He also sets your expectations for what is achievable. A realistic understanding of the process will give you confidence in the road ahead.

Moving the Case Forward

Once you engage the Law Offices of Douglas McKeague as your representative, he will begin tailoring a strategy around your goals. Typically, this involves creating a schedule of assets, debts, income, and expenses. You may handle this step on your own with Mr. McKeague’s guidance, or he can recommend an expert to manage the process. The schedule lets you make a “preliminary declaration of disclosure,” which will be used in resolving the case.

When the time comes, Mr. McKeague works to bring both sides together. Negotiation, compromise, and professional conduct matter at this stage. Mr. McKeague helps clients avoid confrontation and argument in their meetings since these lead to legal escalation. His approach helps both parties move on with their lives while still providing you with a satisfying resolution.

Courtroom Trials

In certain cases, the other party has unreasonable expectations or is presenting a threat to your or your children’s welfare. These situations require divorce lawyers who are experienced and capable in an Orange County courtroom.

Mr. McKeague has many years of practice with hearings and trials for dissolution of marriage, spousal support, and child custody. He works efficiently and diligently, and he takes every effort to keep children from being exposed to the proceeding. While a trial is not ideal, you can take confidence in knowing that he has the skill and expertise to succeed on your behalf.

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