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The Importance of Accessibility


There are a number of factors that a client may use in choosing an Orange County divorce attorney. He or she may decide on a lawyer based on the reputation, the strength of the lawyer’s firm in a particular area of practice, or the trust that he or she establishes in an initial planning meeting for the client’s case. However, the value of all of these traits is lessened if the lawyer is not accessible when the client needs him or her.

Through the process of divorce, clients need to get in touch with their lawyers for a variety of reasons:

  • They have pressing questions that have come up during the divorce and the next scheduled meeting with the attorney is not due to take place for several weeks.
  • The opposing lawyer or the client’s spouse may make contact directly with new information or a settlement offer.
  • Other important issues, such as child custody or property division, may change and require a swift response.

As a client, you may be disappointed to find that your attorney does not respond quickly to your questions and concerns, whether you are trying to connect by telephone, email, or text.

To be fair, there are good reasons that you may be delayed in getting the information you want. Some of these reasons actually benefit you. For example, those who hire an Orange County divorce attorney should be aware of the fee structure they will pay. If you are being charged per hour of time that a lawyer spends on your case, each call, email, or text may count towards that fee. Your attorney may receive your question and decide that the answer can wait until the next scheduled meeting, which will save you money in the long run.

However, there are other, less comforting reasons you may not hear back from your divorce lawyer. Orange County attorneys can become loaded down with casework. If they practice in a large firm, they may be assigned to a number of clients at a time. As a result, your lawyer may not be prioritizing your case or paying attention to the details in a way that will get help you reach a fair and equitable settlement.

Orange County divorce attorney Douglas McKeague considers accessibility a key component of the client relationship. He encourages those with questions or concerns to contact him directly, and he rarely charges for this time. Light-weight questions, which can be answered with a brief response, can be texted to him. With more complex issues, clients can email Douglas. Finally, if a call is necessary, clients can take comfort in knowing they have access to Doug via his mobile phone number. As a result of Doug’s accessibility, clients save time, get information when they need it, and do not waste hours on in-person meetings.

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