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The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague
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Working Together


Issues related to family law, such as divorce and division of property, can be overwhelming to face alone. W. Douglas McKeague, an Orange County family law lawyer, helps with this burden by inviting you to a free initial consultation.

Learn below what this consultation involves and what you can expect as a potential client. Then give Doug a call to schedule a time to meet.

About the Consultation

Free initial consultations take place at Doug McKeague’s office, a welcoming space meant to help you get to know Doug and how he works on your behalf. The atmosphere of the office represents what Doug brings to your situation: a calming, secure presence. The office is conveniently located in Santa Ana, California.

Goals for the Meeting

In this first discussion, Doug does a lot of listening. Every client faces a unique situation, and so he will work with you to identify what your needs are and what your wants are. These two categories do not always overlap; as an experienced Orange County family law lawyer, Doug will help you ensure that you are taking the right steps to protect yourself.

Doug will also work with you to set realistic expectations for the dissolution of marriage process. This means looking at your goals and identifying what you can achieve through a collaborative settlement or, if necessary, through trial.

After you have laid this groundwork together, Doug will help you tailor a strategy to pursue these goals.

He works with each client differently, but in general, his aim is to:

  • Motivate both parties to reach a settlement. Compromise gives you greater control over the outcome of your divorce than a trial may.
  • Avoid court time and unnecessary fees. These issues come up most when one or both parties are not motivated or realistic about the settlement of their divorce. Doug can help you enter settlement talks knowing the most effective approach to take.
  • Avoid big surprises. Doug practices only in one area of law. After almost 30 years as an Orange County divorce lawyer, he is able to roadmap for clients where he thinks cases will go, how to prepare for alternatives, and what risks they face.

Next Steps

If you decide to retain Doug McKeague as your attorney following your initial conversation, he will establish a series of follow-up steps with you.

Typically, this includes:

  • Identifying your assets, debts, income, and expenses. Much of this research can be handled by the client without incurring billable hours.
  • Preparing your files for preliminary disclosure to the other party.
  • Scheduling the appropriate conferences, hearings, discovery, and settlement or trial dates.

Contact the The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague today to schedule your free, initial consultation today!

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