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The Importance of Trial Experience in a Divorce Lawyer


Not all experience is equal when it comes to a divorce lawyer. OC residents in need of a family law attorney should seek someone who has experience in both settling cases and trial work.

Below, learn from a divorce lawyer (OC attorney Douglas McKeague) about the value of trial experience. After you have read his advice, get in touch with Mr. McKeague for a free initial consultation in OC.

Divorce lawyers have ultimate responsibility for their client’s legal proceedings. This means understanding the law, knowing when and how to file important motions, and establishing a strategy that helps their clients achieve their goals.

However, there is more than just the law when it comes to being a divorce attorney. OC lawyers also have a responsibility to counsel their clients in a way that helps them achieve the best outcome possible. This means viewing the dissolution of marriage as more than a zero-sum game.

Instead, it means establishing realistic expectations within a client. Effective lawyers work with those they counsel to identify what matters most in the settlement of their divorces. Emotions of the moment and the history of the relationship should give way to rationality and a fair resolution that will leave the client satisfied.

As a divorce lawyer in OC, Douglas McKeague has achieved success on behalf of his clients by helping them settle with the opposition for those things that matter most. He works efficiently to save clients time and money, to prevent undue anxiety, and to protect them from future legal disputes.

However, there are occasions in which a client’s spouse is unwilling to come to a reasonable agreement or when that person has chosen not to settle at all. The concern might be over the distribution of marital assets. Or, it may be an argument over child custody or support. In these unfortunate situations, Douglas McKeague emphasizes the value of trial experience.

Like most things in life, the longer a lawyer has been practicing, the more efficiently he or she can handle cases that go to trial. This means both a greater chance of success and a lower cost to the client.

Given the hundreds of cases that Douglas has tried, he is able to use past successes to the advantage of future clients. In addition, Douglas is able to look at the client’s situation from the first free consultation and to gauge whether a trial might become necessary in the future.

This helps clients to prepare mentally and financially for the road ahead. It also gives them comfort knowing that, should Douglas choose to move towards a trial, it will be after looking at each possible option and deciding on a route that provides the best chance for success.

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