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Child support will be a huge financial decision for couples who are going through a divorce. Whether you are on the paying end of a support order or are requesting support, the financial impact for both parties can be tremendous. Our firm's child support attorney in Orange County can help you understand the need for support, help you negotiate a fair amount to pay, or help you through the process of petitioning for support.

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Understanding Your Obligations for Child Support

Child Support is an ongoing financial payment that one parent will make to the other to provide financial support for a child after a divorce. The state of California uses a mathematical formula that can determine the amount of money that a parent may be obligated to pay.

California's child support formula incorporates different factors, such as:

    Child Support

  • The number of minor children involved
  • The income levels of both parents
  • How much time the child spends with each parent
  • Costs of day care, healthcare, work-related expenses, or other costs
  • Whether one parent is paying child support for other children from a prior marriage

Modifying Your Child Support Order

While we and the courts always do the best they can to arrive at the best possible solution in divorce proceedings, it is not uncommon for circumstances to change post-decree, and what was once the best option may no longer be possible, or a child may have new needs that were not present at the time the order was issued. In these cases, it may be possible to obtain a post-judgment modification. When the potential modification concerns child support, it will be important to demonstrate a significant shift in either the child's needs, one or both of the parents' means, or both.

Such changes could include but are not limited to the child being diagnosed with a serious illness, the incarceration of a parent, or a parent losing or gaining a job with a significant increase or decrease in income. Whatever the situation, judges typically require sufficient evidence before becoming willing to modify a court decision, so ensure that you have an Orange County divorce lawyer who is familiar both with your individual case and with the legal process as a whole, and what the court wants to see to agree to a change in child support.

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