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What is Divorce Good For?


You need to know what to expect when considering filing for divorce. A divorce usually entails a significant impact emotionally and financially and the better prepared you are for these changes, the easier it will be for you and any children you may have. Our dedicated Orange County divorce attorney understands just what is involved in a divorce and how it can benefit you.

What is divorce good for? First of all, it is good in terms of determining which spouse should get what after a separation. A divorce court will attempt to divide the martial estate as fairly as possible between the spouses.

Secondly, divorce provides a means for determining which spouse should receive spousal support or alimony and child support based on need and the income of the party to be providing relief. An important related issue which can be addressed includes coming to an agreement regarding child custody and visitation rights. For both issues, courts will always attempt to rule in the child’s best interests, looking to preserve a positive relationship with both parents while determining if the child ought to live primarily with one spouse or if parents should have equal access to the child.

Limitations of Divorce

It is equally important to understand what divorce is incapable of providing. For instance, while a court will endeavor to make an equal division of the marital estate, a perfectly even split is impossible to make. The judge will attempt to make the fairest division based on the limited information available to them.

In addition, a divorce cannot guarantee your former spouse will interact with you civilly, especially if there are visitation schedules to maintain. If children are involved, you will be seeing your former spouse, and the court cannot force them to always treat you amicably.

A divorce also cannot guarantee your standard of living will not change after separation. In purely fiscal terms, it is usually much cheaper for two people to cohabitate and share expenses.

Lastly, any hurt feelings involved in your divorce as not the courts concern and cannot be resolved legally. You will need to heal and move on by yourself or with the help of a therapist.

To discuss a divorce and its benefits and drawbacks, speak with an Orange County divorce lawyer today from our firm during a free evaluation.

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