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Checklist Documents to Show Your Divorce Attorney


A divorce can be a complicated process depending on how long you have been married and the property and debts you have acquired in that time. Splitting up the marital estate—all the property which has been obtained since you were married—is often a very difficult procedure. Retaining a divorce lawyer can save you time and the headache of having to file the necessary forms, and if you are able to provide your attorney with the necessary documentation, you can save them and yourself considerable time.

Providing the following documents can help your attorney make the best decisions for your future:

  • Individual and business tax returns for the past 3-5 years (federal, state, and local)
  • Proof of current income and that of your spouse
  • Separation agreement
  • Bank statements
  • Retirement account statements
  • Stock options
  • Credit card statements
  • Utility bills
  • Life insurance policies
  • Personal property appraisals
  • Wills or living wills
  • List of property owned by each spouse before and after marriage

This list is not exhaustive and every divorce is unique, so to ensure all property is accounted for, it is in your best interest to be open and honest with your attorney about your assets.

To discuss your divorce in detail, contact our Orange County divorce lawyer for a free consultation.

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