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The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague
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Working with W. Douglas McKeague


Choosing a lawyer to represent you in a divorce is an extremely important decision. With the right legal counselor, clients receive guidance that helps them reach a fair and equitable resolution at a reasonable cost. They save time and avoid some of the more painful aspects of the process.

With the wrong Orange County divorce attorney, financial considerations are sometimes the primary motivation. For example, clients may be subjected to non-essential activities and time-wasting meetings for which they might be billed. Or, the OC divorce lawyer may raise unrealistic expectations, create greater animosity between the parties, and ultimately cost the client time, anxiety, and financial hardship.

As an OC divorce attorney with almost thirty years of experience, Douglas McKeague understands the complexities involved in a dissolution of marriage proceeding. More importantly—and the reason for his success case after case—he listens to the needs of his clients. Douglas demonstrates his commitment to resolving clients’ cases in several different areas.

Choose A Law Office That Believes In Efficiency

To save clients time and money, Douglas McKeague offers the following:

  • Emphasizes settlement over going to trial. As a result, clients are less likely to pay for the hours of court filings and procedures that an Orange County divorce lawyer’s trial work entails.
  • Answers questions and works with clients through text messages, emails, and his mobile phone. Douglas rarely charges for this service.
  • Makes himself available to clients and provides timely responses to pressing concerns. By getting information to clients when they need it, Douglas is able to move cases to a conclusion more quickly.

Family Law Representation

Douglas McKeague represents clients from the moment they hire him to the resolution of their cases. If you were to hire a different OC divorce attorney, your case may actually be handled by a junior staff member in the attorney’s firm. Firms do this sometimes for both good reasons, such as limiting your billable hours and bad reasons. An example of the latter: because the senior staff member wants to focus on other commitments.

As an experienced OC divorce lawyer, Douglas manages the work of your case himself. Being hands-on throughout the process ensures his familiarity with details that might escape another Orange County divorce attorney. It also lets him lead your case to a resolution more effectively because he is always aware of the status of settlement negotiations.

Trial Work

In some situations, a settlement is not an option. This may be because the opposing party is unwilling to settle or is making unreasonable demands upon you. In these circumstances, Douglas McKeague is skilled at pursuing his clients’ goals through the court system. As a veteran of trial work in OC and a divorce lawyer with three decades of experience, he is able to evaluate and act upon your best case matter choices, options, and elections.

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