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Setting Expectations: Divorce Attorneys, Orange County Clients, and the Road Ahead


If you are exploring divorce attorneys, Orange County family law specialists, and other legal representatives, it’s likely that you have a lot of concerns. Top among them: will you be happy with the final result of your case?

Divorce lawyers, Orange County clients will find, differ in their practices, approach, and motivations. W. Douglas McKeague has over 30 years of experience as a family law attorney and trial lawyer. He advises those choosing a legal representative to work with a professional who shares their vision of success.

Meeting the Attorney and Setting Your Expectations

When it comes to divorce attorneys, Orange County clients may discover that the lawyers’ priorities differ from their own. These attorneys may be focused on maximizing the financial settlement—as well as their own billing hours—without really satisfying their clients.

Understanding success starts with knowing the client’s goals. If you want a fair and equitable resolution to your divorce without completely destroying your relationship with your spouse, then your lawyer should be committed to the same plan. If maintaining custody of your children or retaining complete ownership of a business is your top priority, the attorney should focus on these aims.

Your lawyer should also be able to offer guidance when you are heading down the wrong path. He or she should take the time to discuss the benefits and drawbacks to what you want to accomplish. An experienced legal professional will know which battles are worth fighting and which are worth negotiating. When the attorney sets your expectations for the case, it’s more likely that you will be satisfied with the end result.

Managing the Expectations of the Other Party

Effective divorce attorneys in Orange County know how to compromise without giving up what really matters to their clients. No matter what animosity may exist between two spouses, the legal representatives should attempt to resolve the legal concerns efficiently, equitably, and without further damage to the relationship.

Sometimes, however, this is not possible because one side has unreasonable expectations. A spouse may demand an unfair share of the marital property or too much spousal support. More disturbing is when one party uses the legal system as a way of punishing the spouse or putting children in the middle of the process.

The best family law attorneys help clients get on the path to settlement. They address unreasonable expectations on both sides of the case and reign in unproductive fights before they escalate into courtroom action.

When this is not possible, a lawyer needs to have the experience and preparation to manage the trial. Courtrooms are more sympathetic to parties that have made efforts to resolve the case fairly on their own. By choosing a professional, responsible attorney, you have a greater chance of concluding the case in a satisfactory way—and moving on with your life.

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