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Can Your Behavior Affect Your Divorce Proceedings?


Going through a divorce is often fraught with emotional strain and anxiety. You may feel hurt over how your spouse has treated you and this can lead to feelings of resentment. Acting upon such feelings, especially during a divorce proceedings is not advised.

Taking the high road is the best route to stick to during a divorce. This usually means compromising with a spouse who may have hurt you emotionally. You are still better served to consider their feelings and especially those of your children. As far as you are concerned, work to reduce and not escalate conflict.

Why Taking the High Road Benefits You

This is the best course of action according to both divorce lawyers and therapists who agree that angry people will end up hurting their own interests in the end by refusing to compromise. When emotions are involved, it is often difficult to make rational decisions. You are encouraged during this time to not act out of resentment or desperation, but rather to look to your future happiness and the well-being of your children. More often than not, this perspective will lead you to make better choices about how you act and conduct yourself. Not only that, but certain behavior can hurt your interests in a divorce settlement, especially if the court is aware of your actions.

These same experts also concur that while divorce is indeed a stress for children, serious conflict between parents can be even more damaging to them in the long run. Taking the high road with your spouse no matter the situation will usually prove beneficial.

If you need legal advice for your marriage and are considering divorce, talk to an Orange County family law attorney from W. Douglas McKeague.

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