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As an Orange County family law lawyer, Douglas McKeague has almost thirty years’ worth of experience in practice. He has represented clients through the process of divorce and helped them to reach settlements that protect their rights and safeguard their most important concerns. In addition, Douglas is one of the most respected OC family law trial attorneys. His work within the court system has assisted his clients in receiving the results they wanted when reaching a settlement was not possible.

In Orange County, family law lawyers and their clients face many of the same circumstances as others do in different parts of the country. Divorce and its related issues—child support, alimony and spousal support, division of assets, and so forth—are not just procedural. By their nature, these concerns involve a myriad of historical, emotional, and family ties that can influence and hinder the resolution of the case.

An Orange County family law attorney can advise you as a client about the letter of the law. However, the most important role that he or she can play is as a realistic evaluator of your goals. It is essential during the early stages of your work together that the OC family law attorney understands your position; the Law Offices of Douglas McKeague invites clients to a free initial consultation specifically for this purpose.

The best lawyers can also help you to tease apart what is a “want” versus what is a “need.” The difference is crucial as well as being highly personal. However, knowing what is and is not essential helps the attorney to determine whether a settlement is possible.

The settlement process is so important because it allows the parties, along with their OC family law lawyers, to have input into the final outcome of their divorce. With a competent lawyer, clients are able to bring a level of detail into the proceedings, to express why they want what they want, and to work with the other side to trade and negotiate for those desires.

This is dissimilar to the trial process, and it is the reason that Douglas McKeague emphasizes settlement for both parties. Through trial, both spouses are relying on the judgment of a judicial officer, who may not be able to bring to the case the same level of detail and the same amount of time that the parties think it requires. As a result, one or both parties may be very unhappy with the results of the trial, leading to future casework, costs, and hardship.

Because settlement is not always an option, it is important to seek out a lawyer who is settlement-minded but trial experienced. Find a legal professional who can guide you through the rigors of negotiation, and, when necessary, fight for your rights in court.

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