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Divorces often become much more difficult when children are involved. Because both parents want as much time with their child as possible, this can provoke conflict and heated arguments which then leads to parental alienation. The effects of parental alienation on a child are long-lasting and the court is usually slow to do anything to fix the problem. If your ex-spouse is perpetuating parental alienation, you do not have to handle it alone. Our Orange County divorce lawyer from The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague is proficient in family law and will actively defend your rights from start to finish.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation occurs when one parent makes degrading remarks to the child that undercut the abilities or intentions of the other parent. One parent may imply that the other parent does not want to spend time with the child or does not love them anymore.

Some have found there to be three levels of parental alienation, including:

  • Mild – Can be handled by therapy and more time spent with the alienated parent
  • Moderate – Can be handled similarly to a mild diagnosis and a child custody evaluation may be done
  • Severe – Typically necessitates removing the child from the alienating parent and placing them in the custody of the alienated parent

What Can I Do to Fix Parental Alienation?

If you are being alienated by your ex-spouse, it can feel like a helpless situation. Not being able to defend yourself against such negative remarks is extremely frustrating.

If the court recognizes that parental alienation is taking place, they will likely call for a psychological evaluation. Such an evaluation can take upwards of one year and the problem only gets worse as time goes on. With a highly skilled Orange County divorce attorney on your side, you can push the courts to move quicker and take necessary action to fix the problem.

Don't wait until parental alienation has separated you from the life of your child. With over 35 years of experience, we will go to work for you today.

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