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Have you been served with divorce papers anywhere in Orange County? Are you and your spouse involved in a contested divorce in Southern California? If so, do not move forward until you have spoken with an Orange County divorce attorney at our firm.

Filing for divorce will be one of the most significant legal decisions that you can make for you and your family. Without the right representation on your side, a contested divorce can have lasting negative impacts on your entire family. Our lead attorney, W. Douglas McKeague, has more than 35 years of trial experience. Attorney McKeague knows how the legal system works, knows how to navigate the family courts in California, and knows how to protect your rights during this emotional time. We can help you.

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Divorcing couples will have the opportunity to make decisions regarding the termination of a marriage without the involvement of a judge. Typically, uncontested divorce proceedings are ideal for many couples, especially because uncontested divorce allows separating spouses to maintain an element of control over their own marriage. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. A divorce is contested when you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement regarding one or more issues pertaining to your divorce.

Issues that must be decided during the divorce process include:

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement regarding any aspect of terminating your marriage, you must trust us to represent your best interests. It can be very easy to make snap decisions during an intensely emotional time. Do not put your children, your property, your finances, or your future at risk by acting out of retaliation, anger, or guilt. Hire our firm to be your guide and protector as you navigate this legal process.

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At The Law Offices of W. Douglas McKeague, our Orange County contested divorce attorney wants you to make empowered decisions that can help protect your children, property, and other valuable investments. We completely understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed, and it is normal to experience complicated emotions during this process. We encourage you to tread cautiously and trust that a professional lawyer from our firm has the resources, manpower, and knowledge to protect you and your family adequately.

If you wish to speak with our OC divorce attorney, do not wait to contact our firm and schedule your risk-free, no-obligation case evaluation. Contested cases can be very complex. Do not wait to retain us.

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