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The Importance of Accessibility

There are a number of factors that a client may use in choosing an Orange County divorce attorney. He or she may decide on a lawyer based on the reputation, the strength of the lawyer’s firm in ...
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The Importance of Trial Experience in a Divorce Lawyer

Not all experience is equal when it comes to a divorce lawyer. OC residents in need of a family law attorney should seek someone who has experience in both settling cases and trial work. Below, learn ...
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Settlement versus Trial

Douglas McKeague has almost thirty years of experience as an OC family law lawyer. During that time, he has developed a reputation as a well-respected trial lawyer and skilled negotiator. Below is an ...
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Goals for the Client

Divorce, known as a dissolution of marriage proceeding in the State of California, is a process. Despite the emotional, financial, and relationship issues that are tied to the decisions that you may ...
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Avoiding Expenses in the Divorce Process

Divorce (known as dissolution of marriage in the State of California) can be a costly process. In addition to the time and energy that you may spend resolving the matter, you may be faced with heavy ...
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Why People Hire an Orange County Family Law Attorney

Divorce involves a host of financial, emotional, and personal issues. Someone who is facing the process may be reluctant to hire a lawyer, fearing that it will only escalate these problems. W. Douglas ...
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