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Preparing Financially for Divorce

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Divorce is a serious step. Not only do you need to think through the relational repercussions you will face with your former spouse, children, and family members, but you must also consider the financial challenges.

Our Orange County divorce lawyer has helped countless clients navigate their complex divorce cases and has ensured their rights and interest remained protected the entire time. We focus exclusively on family law and divorce cases, helping us offer a superior level of legal services to our clients. Our team can carefully review your financial situation and help you get a step ahead for your divorce case.

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How can I prepare my finances for a divorce?

Whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce, it is crucial that you get a step ahead by planning for financial circumstances. We understand that it can be challenging to balance the legal obstacles as well as the financial changes you will be facing, which is why we are here to help.

In order to be best prepare your finances, you should make sure to do the following:

  • Close any joint accounts you have with your spouse
  • Work towards establishing your own credit
  • Keep all non-marital assets separate from the divorce
  • Carefully review your financial holdings, such as stocks, 401k, and bank accounts
  • Cancel (or freeze) any joint credit cards you have with your spouse
  • Photograph or collect evidence of your assets

While these are just a few steps you can follow to protect your financial holdings leading up to a divorce, they can greatly minimize the amount of stress you may face. If you would like more financial tips or counsel, be sure to contact our Orange County divorce lawyers for insight.

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