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There was a time when courts typically awarded custody of minor children to mothers, as mothers were assumed to be more nurturing parents. Times have changed, and fathers now hold equal parental rights. If you are a father facing challenges concerning child custody or visitation, or are seeking to establish paternity of a child, it is important to get an experienced Orange County fathers' rights lawyer on your side. With W. Douglas McKeague, you can trust that your case is in good hands.

We have devoted our practice exclusively to divorce and family law matters, successfully representing clients for over 33 years. Our firm provides high quality representation at reasonable rates. We have proven skills to negotiate a settlement whenever possible. We also have the trial experience to aggressively fight for you in court when all else fails. We are committed to personalized representation, actively pursuing the best possible outcome in your case.

Fathers' Rights Attorney in Orange County: Dedicated Advocacy and Support

Studies have shown that children do better when both parents are involved as a nurturing influence in their lives. The guiding principle of the courts in family law matters involving children is always centered around the best interests of the child. Fathers have the right to be involved in their children's lives, interact, and spend time with them. They have the right to an equal say in important decisions affecting their children, including living circumstances, schools, religion, and medical treatment. Unwed fathers have the same rights as fathers going through divorce, except that it may be necessary to establish paternity through DNA testing. Married or unmarried, it may be necessary to call upon a skilled Orange County divorce lawyer to protect your parental rights.

Along with the rights of fathers come responsibilities, such as financial support. We can help protect you from undue financial hardship, while taking legal action in any matter that involves the best interests of your children. We provide personalized representation and individualized support, from the beginning to the final resolution of your parental rights case.

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