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What is a collaborative divorce and how does it work?

The legal counsel you choose to represent you during divorce proceedings will have a significant impact on the ease, speed and expense involved in the dissolution of your marriage. Individuals who retain legal counsel early on will have a greater chance of being able to protect their assets and see that their interests are well represented throughout all aspects of negotiation and mediation. Our firm is known for its high-quality, individually-tailored legal representation. We can provide legal counsel in all types of divorce proceedings and are more than qualified to help minimize the negative impact your divorce may have on you and your family.

What Sets Us Apart

Our lead Orange County collaborative divorce lawyer has decades of trial experience, which can prove extremely beneficial in a courtroom setting, however we work hard to help our clients avoid having important, potentially life-altering decisions left up to the discretion of the court. We are also very good at eliciting cooperation and evoking full disclosure so that no essential assets, property or information will be excluded.

One of the ways for a married couple to dissolve their marriage without having to go through the time-consuming and higher-priced divorce litigation process is through a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is accomplished through the use of mediation, negotiation and other alternative methods of conflict resolution. Similar to the uncontested divorce, a collaborative divorce allows the involved parties to be included in each step of the decision-making process. They are the ones responsible, under the direction of their lawyers, for making the decisions required to finalize a divorce settlement agreement which takes into account the best interests of all parties.

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Divorce does not have to involve a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. Divorce settlement agreements can be negotiated outside of a courtroom setting with help from a lawyer at our firm. If you are an Orange County resident who is considering filing for divorce, let us help you close this chapter of your life and prepare you for what lies ahead. Clients who opt to retain our counsel can rest assured that W. Douglas McKeague will treat them with the compassion and respect they deserve.

To find out how you can benefit from a collaborative divorce, call our law offices and schedule to meet with an Orange County collaborative divorce attorney today.

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